What Are Your Brand Colors Saying?

Companies and branding agencies spend a lot of time thinking about strategic design concepts, messaging and advertising, but on a more subtle level, brand identity is defined by elements as simple as color. Different colors evoke different reactions and emotional connections from customers even when they aren't cognizant of it. What message is your color scheme sending?

Red is a bold color choice with a strong point of view.
People tend to have a strong reaction to this color.
Traits: aggressive, energetic, provocative, attention-grabbing

Purple evokes a sense luxury and quality.
Traits: royalty, sophistication, nostalgia, mystery, spirituality.

Blue is the most popular color choice amongst brands overall.
Traits: trustworthy, dependable, secure, responsible.

Green, depending on the shade, can evoke peace, nature or affluence.
Traits: wealth, health, prestige, serenity.

Yellow, plain and simple, makes people happy.
It reminds people of sunshine and hope, not to mention it's eye-catching.
Traits: positivity, light, warmth, motivation, creativity.

Orange is the happy medium between yellow and red.
Orange is an energetic and exciting color choice.
Traits: vitality, fun, playful, exuberant.

Brown, though it can remind people of some of the grittier things in life,
evokes a sense of stability and simplicity.
Traits: earthlike, natural, simplistic, durable.

Black is always in style and always works. Black is classic.
Traits: prestige, value, timelessness, sophistication.