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Russell Reynolds Associates (RRA), a premier provider of senior-level executive search and assessment, had developed and launched an internal application to manage the firm's global client interactions. However, since the launch, application users have continually expressed dissatisfaction with many of the elements of the User Interface that result in a critical flaw of any best of breed application: user confusion. In addition, the complexity of the interface complicated rather than simplified the work processes for users. Although continuous improvements and updates had been made to the product, RRA determined that an analysis by a company specializing in User Experience and Interface Design would provide an un-biased and fresh direction to adjusting the application to provide optimal performance and set the stage for growth with an end future state being conversion to a web-based platform.


The first step to performing a thorough analysis was to gain an in-depth understanding of the application: how it works, how various users will interact with it and where identified pain points were impeding acceptance. Key eCore personnel participated in a 3 day training session and reviewed documentation provided by RRA on application goals, structure and planned future growth. With this knowledge as a foundation, key areas of the site were analyzed: visual design, navigation, process flow, and paradigms that drove the initial implementation. Based upon this analysis, a detailed Usability Assessment report was developed as well as a comprehensive Application Deconstruction Map. The Assessment included short and long term recommendations for improvement as well as strategic direction that would guide RRA in moving toward an anticipated end goal of creating a browser-based solution. eCore continues to work with RRA to help them achieve their vision.

Featured Services

  • Participated in a 3 day training session in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of the product and the issues that have already been identified by the user base
  • Conducted an analysis of RRA provided documentation that focused on issues pending in the enhancement/development queue.
  • Held calls/meetings with the RRA team to learn more about the user base, user issues and organizational direction
  • Analyzed the product in depth from both a visual design and information architecture perspective
  • Created an Application Deconstruction Map that provided a high level view of the application sections, navigation and flow
  • Developed a short and long term strategy to address identified issues

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