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Royal Bank of Scotland


The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) had a number of initiatives that needed internal promotion in order to convey new service offerings being developed for their customers. In order to get key stakeholder buy-in and further investment in these initiatives, RBS needed eCore to design and build engaging and interactive marketing pieces to be distributed throughout the organization that would highlight key selling points for the initiatives and value-add to both RBS customers and the organization as a whole.


For each of the 4 initiatives, eCore began with requirements gathering to determine key messaging, visual direction preferences, tone and mood, as well as target audience identification. With this as a baseline, RBS and eCore worked together to create the appropriate content that would reflect the key messaging and service highlights. The next step was to create the visual imagery that would enhance the content and portray the proposed services in an engaging manner. With content and design in place detailed storyboards were created to depict, on a screen-by-screen basis, all the elements and movement to take place.With final approval from RBS on the storyboards, the final step was putting it all together by developing self-running Flash pieces and posting them on a secure portal so that they could be distributed to RBS designated personnel.

Featured Services

  • Conducted Requirements Gathering with initiative owners to determine key messaging for each piece
  • Developed unique designs and acquired appropriate visual assets in order to best convey initiative value
  • Created storyboards to depict the content, imagery, and interaction for each screen
  • Integrated audio, music and voiceover, into the pieces
  • Delivered standalone Flash files and created a secure portal that would allow easy access to the completed pieces forRBS designated users

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